Montfort-Driven by Values

Montfort is driven by values and a commitment for excellence.

Mr Tanvir Singh

Managing Director

Montfort Management has an experience in education for over 27 years. Renowned for quality and high student performance whether it is academics, sports, extra-curricular activities or personal development, April 2015 marks the beginning of a new chapter of excellence in education in Karnal at Montfort.

To be invited to become the founder head of any good school. Is a privilege to be invited to do so for a school such as Montfort, The International School – where education and nurturing of children is going to be world class – is indeed both an opportunity and an honour.

We believe in working as parents and the community in order to provide a positive school environment where the child feels safe and secure.

Education at MWS (Montfort World School), will cultivate the idea of holistic education, where students will learn qualities of respect, responsibility, integrity, and teamwork. They will actively participate in both mental and physical activities which will ensure interaction in community projects from real-life situations. The child will learn to serve his people, his country and the world.

In an international environment with experienced teachers, your child will grow rich with the concept of intelligence, hard work, compassion and will have a world view of important concerns needing to be solved.

The journey is long, the work is hard – my team of dedicated teachers and myself, at the school, are committed to make the products of our school – your children – equally committed, determine and passionate in the pursuit of education, making a better world and solving the problems that confront it.

The students of Montfort will graduate with 21st century skill, quietly confident in the strength of their knowledge, excited and passionate to take on all competition and to tackle with vigour, the challenges of a new world.

Ms. Tarinder Kaur


The creative writing through articles and stories flowing from the depth of the hearts of building artists will leave an indelible impression on the minds of the readers and they will enjoy as one of who enjoys the beauty of blooming flowers, overflowing perennial and rich air in spring.

Looking back at the 5 years of its chequered life, it is gratifying to see this school, having grown from a tiny sapling planted, into a magnificent tree today. It gives me immense pleasure to pen that this school has acquired itself pretty well by fulfilling the objective set out for “commitments beyond academics”. The school curriculum is designed to develop a sense of discipline, honesty, integrity, dedication and sympathy in students. In fact our curriculum is so well balanced that it has every ingredient to support a perfect citizen.

It is my firm belief that schooling must be fun-filled process, encouraging learning and understanding rather than being only an intuition of teaching. We nurture every student’s inquisitiveness thereby peeping deep into the pool of knowledge and quest. This is done by ensuring individual attention to every student. The school provides excellent facilities for progressive and pragmatic curriculum, conductive environment and development of moral values amongst students.

There is no denying the fact that we ought to keep pace with the changing need of the society, join the technological movement and prepare ourselves with global competition. But at the same time, we should protect our values and preserve our heritage and traditions. We need to accept every change that takes place blindly. We should be selective, honest, forthright and firm in our selections so that the aim and objective of our institution are not compromised at any stage.

Nevertheless, we are deeply conscious of the transformation that is taking place in our society presently and we are also aware that it is significant to coordinate our place of training with that of the world at large. Notwithstanding the constraints, the school is marching ahead and is undoubtedly geared up to show exemplary performance in academics, training programme, games and sports and co-curricular activities.