Montfort provides World-Class infrastructure for sports in its sprawling campus. An amalgamation of more than 30 playing areas for almost all major indoor and outdoor games gives the school sports a dominant appearance.
  • Montfort believes sports is a powerful tool for educational establishment to use and can have a positive impact on kids in areas such as discipline, attendance and behavior. Montfort management always inspire their students to take part in various sports activities. The school has world class outdoor and indoor sports facilities like Swimming pool, Basketball court, Tennis court, Skating, Horse riding and Archery.

    Sports play an important role in the overall personality development of children. Various sports activities help students remain fit. These activities also enable the students to cope up with the day to day stressful situations and assist the obese students in shedding off the undesired pounds of flesh. Students develop a keen sense of sportsmanship, acquire the technical skills required to play various games and are better cut out to meet situations which do not always guarantee success.

  • At Montfort, we aim for perfection not only in academics but in the field of sports as well. There is provision for sports activities such that students of all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have the best of coaches from all over the world to teach the students the various rules, skills and techniques required for mastering various games. The students are helped in acquiring the art of beating the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship

    Students can take part in any outdoor sport of their choice and they have a vast variety to choose from. Athletics, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis are some of the options that Montfort offers. With expert coaches for each activity, Montfort encourages its students to take their sport seriously and take part in competitions of diverse kinds.

Outdoor Sports Complex

Swimming Pool

MWS provides top class training venue ‘AQUA’ for swimmers to realize their potential to the fullest. The ‘AQUA’, state-of-heart aquatic complex comprises a 82×42 ft course swimming pool with water facilities enabling it to host any national swimming competition. A more than 40 award winners passed from the same pool on state and national level.

  • Horse Riding

    We enthusiastically volunteer our time to introduce and develop riding skills for riders at all levels. We offer riding classes for beginners, pony rides for kids from the age of 3 onwards, and train our more committed riders to compete in various national and international competitions.


MWS has an skating in the school programme which teaches skating skills to the students. This programme is developed to serve the specific educational and conservation purposes. It is designed for 4th-12th graders, the programme covers safety, techniques, equipment’s, mental concentration and self-improvement. skating sessions are delivered by a qualified coach.

  • Basket Ball

    Basketball is highly popular game. To encourage our students’ interest Montfort World School has built to perfection, basketball court with exclusive lighting facilities.


Tennis is fun, great for fitness and for developing hand eye co-ordination. It can be played by all ages and abilities – boys and girls can play together, so it is ideal for mixed classes.

MWS gives most children their first experience of sport and their early experience can often determine whether they stay in the game. MWS is equipped with hard tennis court following all international regulations.

  • Volleyball

    Volleyball is a wonderful choice for outdoor games player's. To generate the interest of students in sports activities MWS provides a well- maintained court with exclusive lighting facilities.

Indoor Sports Complex

  • Taekwondo

    Taekwondo is not completely a cardiovascular training art but it involves certain aspects that trained cardio also. All over it contributes a healthy body, healthy mind, and outstanding performance. A good state of mind always brings out the best results either in games or in studies both.


Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring. Montfort provides the opportunity for kids in the observation of expertise coach. We offer boxing classes for beginner sand train our more committed boxers to compete in various state and national competitions

  • Yoga

    MWS offers special classes, meditation sessions, advanced classes, workshops and seminars, and yoga classes for children and teenagers. Students learn to have sensitivity, respect and a deep understanding of the human condition. The main purpose is to spread the practice of an authentic and ancient system of yoga, thereby promoting health, well-being, a stress-free lifestyle and a more balanced and visionary individual. All the classrooms are equipped with audio visual digital facilities. The classrooms of the school are smart in the true sense of the word. The classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards and projectors.